Who We Are

Our History

The story of most big things starts small. So did ours.

Back in the 1970s Gopal Patel and his two brothers left behind their ancestral farms in Kutch and wandered down south to seek their fortunes.

The trio began working as auctioneers in the forest timber depot . In the midst of that thriving timber market, they saw what no one else could see – a mammoth business opportunity. With their hard work, perseverance and foresight, the brothers established timber network across India.

In the year 2015 three brothers thoughtfully separated themselves in order to increase business development With professional management : innovation and autonomy in decision making.

Today Gopal patel and his three sons Mr.Mahesh Patel , Mr.Deepak Patel and Mr.Jitendra Patel are taking the business to the greater heights.

Fueled by our hard work and a strong set of founding principles, today we are a corporation with passion in timber products.

Our love for timber however remains at the forefront of everything we do. We are delighted to be able to identify ourselves as one of the leading timber importers, manufacturers and saw millers of this era.

Core Values

  • Pursuing Excellence
  • Sustaining Quality
  • Promoting Teamwork
  • Functioning Ethically
  • Recognizing Competition
  • Developing Relationships – Employees, Partners & Clients

Our Purpose

Expanding. Excelling. Evolving – moving into the future

We have always aspired to be identified as a brand that offers value, impeccable quality and unrivalled excellence through all our products and services. We have constantly expounded our boundaries and reinvented ourselves to stay ahead of the competition.

Over the next decade, we are looking to revolutionize our family-owned and managed business in more ways than one. Our primary purpose however will remain the same - to set and surpass benchmarks, even as we consciously and consistently continue to live our set of core values.


Gopal K.Patel Chairman

A man who likes to wear many hats, and does so with finesse. Though a novice in the sphere of saw mill operations, he has always placed great emphasis on evolving timber business from saw mills to a beautiful piece of furniture. His aggressive approach has already given The Log and Lumber Co. a big turnaround in terms of brand visibility, we believe that he will continue to play a crucial in helping the company outperform, year-after-year.

Mahesh G.Patel Managing Director

An expert on a diverse of teak species, Mahesh G. Patel has over 14 years of experience in the timber industry especially Teakwood and has established his mettle in various aspects of the business. He supervises the group’s teak division and he is in-charge of our shipments. He over-sees the selling of teak and other species across India and is in-charge of our sawn timber consignments buying that comes from various parts of the world.

Deepak G. Patel Director

A leading expert in a diverse variety of timber species and component manufacturing, Mr. Deepak G. Patel has over 10 years of industry experience to his credit. Additionally he has a first class reputation as a joinery and shop fitting specialist and consultant. Earlier his role as Projects Director had fetched huge profits to the company and now he oversees various aspects of our ongoing projects - from costing and planning, right down to execution and the final hand-over.

Jitendra G.Patel Director

With over 8 years of experience in timber sales, Jitendra G. Patel is primarily responsible for business development . He is vastly experienced in both, operations and infrastructure advancement, but it is his passion for wood and creative strategies for selling timber products that are widely appreciated among the group’s buyers.

Individuals win wars. Only teams win battles.

We believe that our people have been and will continue to be, the secret to our success. That’s why we always believe in developing long-term relationships with every member on our team. We encourage employees to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit that can lay the foundation for a lasting career with us. At the same time we promote team work to ensure the continuing development of the company at all times.

With the wood experts , the opportunities to learn are abound and hard work is always rewarded. So if you want to be part of a dynamic organization that is constantly seeking and exploring opportunities ahead of the curve, this is the right place for you and your career.