Who We Are

The story of most big things starts small. So did ours.

Fueled by our hard work and a strong set of founding principles, today we are a corporation with passion in timber products.

Our love for timber however remains at the forefront of everything we do. We are delighted to be able to identify ourselves as one of the leading timber importers, manufacturers and sawmillers of this era.

Our Vision

National and International Recognition

By Providing
Globally Sourced Wood,

Reaching through
The Door’s, Windows of Every heart

Creating a Belief that
Wood Expert creates a “Class”.

“Where there is Wood
There is The Wood Expert”

Our Mission

  • Professional Team on Board – Providing Hassle-Free Services to Customers.
  • Covering Maximum Geographical Area of India.
  • Adding Pre-defined designs and measurement systems meeting International standards to Indian Wood Industry.
  • Providing high quality/Unique Timber all products – To Accomplish Customer Delight and Confidence.
  • Becoming Public limited by the Year 2023.
  • Teaming-up with Leading Architects All over India.
  • Ensuring Employees Socio-Economic Growth along with the growth of the organization.

ISO Certification


Indian Achiever's Award: Promising MSME 2021

For Promising MSME-2021

Our Core Values

  • Pursuing Excellence
  • Sustaining Quality
  • Promoting Teamwork
  • Functioning Ethically
  • Recognizing Competition
  • Developing Relationships – Employees, Partners & Clients

Our Purpose

Expanding. Excelling. Evolving – moving into the future

We have always aspired to be identified as a brand that offers value, impeccable quality and unrivaled excellence through all our products and services. We have constantly expounded our boundaries and reinvented ourselves to stay ahead of the competition.

Over the next decade, we are looking to revolutionize our family-owned and managed business in more ways than one. Our primary purpose however will remain the same - to set and surpass benchmarks, even as we consciously and consistently continue to live our set of core values.


Manoj Patel Managing Director

Not only he has a past that he can be proud of, but, he holds dear to our hearts, the future hopes and aspirations of the professionals who guide this company. Without a doubt, he has the people and the resources to lead this company to a bright future. He had reached thus far owing to hard work, dedication and determination of the team that drives this organization. He has earned the trust and respect of the giants of the Indian industry and I'm confident, that he will grow from strength to strength in our endeavor to make this company into one that delivers value and satisfaction to our growing base of valued clients.

Kishore Patel Joint Managing Director

He is a proven leader, having worked and learned under strong mentors himself, and his success lies in his commitment to taking a ‘hands-on’ management approach. This allows him to not only guarantee that the highest standard of workmanship and materials are delivered for each project but also to ensure the best experience for each client through honest and efficient communication and project adaptability. His technical, strategic decisions and leadership skills coupled with his sound financial and business sense have helped him in securing and success.

Individuals win wars. Only teams win battles.

We believe that our people have been and will continue to be, the secret to our success. That’s why we always believe in developing long-term relationships with every member of our team. We encourage employees to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit that can lay the foundation for a lasting career with us. At the same time we promote teamwork to ensure the continuing development of the company at all times.

With the wood experts , the opportunities to learn are abounding and hard work is always rewarded. So if you want to be part of a dynamic organization that is constantly seeking and exploring opportunities ahead of the curve, this is the right place for you and your career.