From logs that light fire to boughs that create weapons; from beams that build shelters and construct homes, to slabs that make furniture; from boards that come together to form boats to logs that create wine barrels; From barks that craft works of art to branches that create musical instruments – over the years timber has, in a variety of shapes, sizes, forms, colors, and textures demonstrated its indispensability to mankind and evolution.

At The Log and Lumber Co, We are proud to be associated with timber and everything it represents – durability, reliability, beauty and resilience. Though our story first began with 1 sawmill in a small town and 5 people, today we have a team of over 200 employees with operations all over Tamilnadu and having customers across India.

In this journey encompassing a little over 36 years, we have strived to experiment, innovate and explore the versatility of timber and even now, are persistently doing so.

With so much more left to discover, timber, we believe, is here to stay. With our depth of experience, expertise and sophistication in this business, so are we.

The method of selling round logs/ bulk sales happens from our timber yards at Tuticorin and Chennai. We import wooden logs of various species from across the world and dump it at our timber yards as species and origin wise. All our timber logs are sourced from sustainable forests.

To name a few wooden species which we stock at our timber yards and retail units :-

  1. Afrormosia
  2. American Ash
  3. American Cherry
  4. Basralocus
  5. Beech
  6. Benin Teak
  7. Brazil Teak
  8. Burma Teak
  9. Costarica Teak
  10. Ecuador Teak
  11. Ghana Teak
  12. Guatemala Teak
  13. Honduras Teak
  14. Ivory Teak
  15. Iroko
  16. Merbau / Kwila
  17. Mersawa
  18. Padouk
  19. Panama Teak
  20. Radiata Pine
  21. Red Meranti
  22. Red Oak
  23. Southern Yellow Pine
  24. Sudan teak
  25. Sycamore
  26. Sylvester Pine
  27. Tanzania Teak
  28. White Oak
  29. Walnut
  30. Wenge
We at The log and Lumber Co offer the largest range of timber species available in the country.