Wooden Flooring


At The Log and Lumber Co, we truly believe that nothing represents the homogeneous construction of wood better than a solid wood floor.

That’s why we take the greatest care, allowing our product to be seasoned well as it expands more than engineered wood. Our solid wood flooring also comes with seven coats of formaldehyde-free acrylic lacquer which is UV-cured. This ensures that flooring never gets dusty.

Additionally, our flooring range has several other unique features. They are all Stain and scratch resistance , easy to maintain and clean. The finish is a feather touch that allows you to experience the comfort of walking barefoot.

Wood is a material that truly grows more beautiful with time, so does our flooring range.

Application - Underlay Foam

An underlay that absorbs impact sound and increases walking comfort.

  • Thickness – 1.8mm
  • Material - Extruded Polyethylene.

Flooring standard sizes

  • Width (MM) – 65/85/115/140/190.
  • Thickness (MM) – 12 to 22.
  • Length (Feet) - 1’ to 6’


The elegance and inimitable warmth of natural wood are combined with the convenience and durability guaranteed by our exclusive technology. The brushed surface provides excellent slip resistance making it suitable around swimming pools, gardens and can also be installed as deck flooring on the beach.

whether at a residence or high traffic large commercial developments, our decking planks perform alike. The natural wood conveys grandeur around swimming pools, on walkways, verandahs, patios or any outdoor space.

Reversible planks, completely resistant to algae, termites, and eventually rot, our decks require no maintenance except occasional hosing to keep clean or free from dirt and dust. Wooden deck planks retain their original aesthetics overextended life spans.

It’s the most aesthetic.

Standard sizes

  • Width (MM) - 60 to 125
  • Thickness (MM) - 18 to 35
  • Length (Feet) - 1 to 6