Flush Door offers a clean, contemporary look for interior spaces and unlimited finishing options at a great value.
The attractive appearance of a traditional wood faced flush door remains a popular and practical choice.
Flush doors are ready-to-use doors with a single species hardwood core that is vacuum pressure treated and kiln-dried. We follow the SAW-KILN-DRY-RIP process.

Salient Features of Flush Doors

Water Proof: Bonded with improved synthetic Phenol resin makes every door water-resistant. Best suited for even extreme conditions like bathrooms. Termite Resistant: Every component of the door is chemically treated before assembling and hot-pressed making them Borer and Termite Resistant. Lock Rail: Each door is provided with extra lock rail. Flush doors are Paintable, Decorative & Laminated to meet varying individual needs.


  • Thickness Standard – 30MM
  • 25mm / 32mm / 38 mm ( Against Order)
  • Height – (Inches) – 72” / 78” / 81” / 84”
  • Width - (Inches) – 27”/30”/32”/33”/36”/38”
  • Customization of Doors is possible.


The Log and Lumber Co is proud to be associated with Masonite International Corporation, who is the acknowledged world leader indoor design and has the world’s largest private R&D center for wood fiber technology.

Masonite is the world's most preferred door maker, with over 80 years of trust and lasting value. Masonite doors not only provide solid quality and security but provide that commitment and value to the customers the world over. Elegant, with timeless tradition in their charm, Masonite molded and flush doors range are the ideal choice, the right choice for your beautiful home.

Each door is crafted to the highest standards using solid and durable wood backed by world-class technology and advanced manufacturing process.

Masonite molded panel doors incorporate quality accredited one piece facings, offering excellent appearance and performance. They are available in a wide choice of designs, sizes and core constructions, making them a versatile door choice.

Molded doors have densified 3.00 mm thick wood fiber (DWF) plates, compared to core (2mm) and face (1mm) veneer used in Flush Doors, making them more durable and long lasting.

The molded panels are free of knots so you do not get paint discoloration due to the knots.

Molded doors are supplied primed and as a result are easier to paint.


  • Thickness Standard – 32MM
  • 35mm / 38mm / 40 mm ( Against Order)
  • Height – (Inches) – 78” / 81” / 84”.
  • Width - (Inches) – 26”/27”/30”/32”/33”/36”/38”.
  • Customization of Door sizes is possible.

HDF (High Density Fibre based) SKIN DOORS

The HDF door skins ensures consistency in quality standards at the highest level. The range constitutes select design options,created from precisely crafted molds from Germany for perfect finish highlighting the effects of the textures and shapes. A range of Melamine faced Decorative Door skins totally eliminates the hassels of Painting and Polishing associated with the conventional door skins and which is impervious to moisture.

A wide range of door skin designs for flush doors are available.


  • Thickness Standard – 32MM
  • 35mm / 38mm / 40mm ( Against Order)
  • Height – (Inches) – 84”
  • Width - (Inches) – 27”/31”/34”/37”/40”/42”
  • Customization of Door sizes is possible.
  • Available Colours :- Wenge / Teak / Sapeli / Smoke Zebrano / Chocolate Zebrano


The Log and Lumber Co, Fire Rated door is also a door having basic qualities of elegance, strength and is easy to operate. It could be finished to a smooth surface by painting and / or polishing. When there is a fire, it will act as a FIRE DOOR of different ratings. Fire rating of a door is generally for 30, 60 and 120 minutes depending upon the location the door is to be fixed.

Wood is made up of Lingo cellulosic material, both of which are combustible, hence it is practically not possible to make it Fire Rated of different durations without proper insulation material and insulation boards. With proper construction, Fire Rated doors could be made of different ratings.

The Log and Lumber Co, Fire Rated Doors are "COMPOSITE FIRE DOORS", designed and made with proper care, with ratings of 1/2 hr., 1 hr. and 2 hrs.

The species of timber to be used for door frame is Teakwood with specific gravity above 0.6 or Hardwood with specific gravity 0.7 and above.

All the Door Frame components are treated with fire retardant cum antiseptic chemicals under vacuum pressure and dried to the desired moisture content.


  • Sizes against order / Custom made doors.


Conforming to IS 2202 (Part 1), The Wood Ply Lamindated Flush Doors include a wide range of premium laminated borer-proof doors made by mechanised manufacturing process which offers uniform thickness without undulation, warping or bending. Available in both one-side and both-side laminated options with 1mm HPL and conforming to IS 2046 The Wood Ply Laminated Flush Doors offer dimensional accuracy and stability in varying humidity, have high screw holding capacity, high shock and buckling resistance.

From processing of Phenol Formaldehyde resin to BWP bonding of veneers and core wood, all are done under one roof — ensuring superb quality throughout the production line.

These High Pressure Decorative Laminates make your interiors look gorgeous without any effort and they also form an exclusive range - a range of charming wooden grain patterns with a touch of elegance.


  • Thickness Standard – 32MM
  • 35mm / 38mm / 40 mm ( Against Order)
  • Height – (Inches) – 78” / 81” / 84”.
  • Width - (Inches) – 30”/33”/36”/38”/40”.
  • Customization of Door sizes is possible.


Veneered flush doors have high quality natural timber veneers, laid over and concealing the timber edge lipping.

A wide selection of veneer range is available to suit every style at home.

Veneered flush doors create a coordinated wood ambience. Each door is crafted to the highest standards using natural wood veneer and durable wood backed by world class technology and advanced manufacturing process.

For replacement use or high quality new build applications wood veneered doors offer an established and 'no fuss' design solution.

The Log and Lumber Co range of decorative Flush doors are doable in various wooden species of Veneers.


  • Thickness Standard – 32MM
  • 35mm / 38mm / 40 mm ( Against Order)
  • Height – (Inches) – 78” / 81” / 84”.
  • Width - (Inches) – 30”/33”/36”/38”/40”.
  • Customization of Door sizes is possible.


Our Solid wood entry doors all start from premium grade components , are kiln dried and then colour-matched manually prior to assembly. Expert craftsmanship,hand applied multiple step finish and time proven engineered design result in doors of unsurpassed quality and beauty.

For centuries, natural wood has been used to create a perfect combination of beauty and durability.  Each piece of wood is truly unique and naturally becomes the best choice for a sophisticated and individual look.  And each species has its own distinct personality and feel.  As to pure aesthetics, one will not find another material matching the charm of wood.  Various artificial composite materials are out there trying to mimic it, but none have been able to capture the warm texture and beautiful depth of the real thing.

Wood is also a practical choice.  It is known for superb insulation qualities.  When properly finished and maintained, wood is exceptionally durable and resistant to time and elements.  Moreover, wood is a naturally renewable resource.

We offer some of the world’s finest wood species, just to name a few:

  1. Afrormosia.
  2. American Ash
  3. Beech
  4. Benin Teak
  5. Burma Teak
  6. Ghana Teak
  7. Merbau / Kwila
  8. Padouk
  9. Panama Teak
  10. Red Meranti
  11. Red Oak
  12. Sudan teak
  13. Sycamore
  14. Tanzania Teak
  15. White Oak
  16. Walnut
  17. Wenge

The Art of Finish

Our finishing process is among the most advanced in the industry. All our doors are finished with the finishing system, which has been extensively researched and proven to guard the natural beauty of premier wood. All panels are pre-stained and sealed prior to assembly. All premium finish applications take place in a dust-free, controlled environment.

The following deep staining steps create our unique look and rich furniture-like effect:

  1. Sanding raw wood door with 240-grit to clean off any contaminants;
  2. Detail sanding of all profiles with 240-grit;
  3. Application of penetrating stain by hand;
  4. Application of wood filler/sealer to smooth our and seal grain;
  5. Soft sanding after wood filler/sealer dries out;
  6. Application of prime coating;
  7. Fine sanding with 320-grit;
  8. Application of first catalyzed UV inhibited topcoat;
  9. Second fine sanding with 320-grit;
  10. Application of the second topcoat;
  11. Third fine sanding with 320-grit;
  12. Application of the third topcoat;
  13. Final touch up of details and profiles.

Custom made - Any wood / Any size / Any door

We appreciate and welcome your door ideas.  For customers who cannot find the doors they are looking for on this site, we encourage providing us with a sketch or other form of the design concept, and our consultants will be happy to discuss and quote your own unique doors.  Please note that lead time on most custom doors is about 2-3 weeks.