Laminates,also known as decorative laminates are artificially produced materials made from paper and plastic resins.Similar to veneers these are also used as an overlay over wooden surfaces to increase their beauty.

Laminates are made from two different kinds of paper soaked in resins. One is a brown base paper that is soaked and saturated with a synthetic phenolic resin (plastic resin), and the other paper is a decorative paper on which the design pattern is printed. This decorative paper is soaked and saturated in transparent melamine resin. The use of resins makes the paper hard and brittle. The two papers are placed over each other and hard-pressed together to manufacture the laminate sheet.

Both laminates and veneers are decorative overlay materials, meant to increase the beauty of the underlying wood. If you prefer a natural look and feel, veneers are a good choice, because of its a wooden material, a slice of wood. There are many kinds of good looking wood veneers obtained from different trees. e.g. teak, cherry, oak, maple , walnut etc.

On the other hand, there are also laminates available in the market that resemble wood grain patterns and look exactly like wood, though they are not. Since decorative laminates are made from designs printed on paper, there is a wide variety available.

Laminate pieces are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, great for children’s rooms or any spot where it will get a lot of wear. Although it is not real wood, laminate can be painted by sanding the piece lightly to remove the glossy finish, primed, and then painted with thin layers of your favorite color.

The basic point is veneers are natural, while laminates are artificial materials.

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